Triple P

The Camrose Family Resource Centre provides regular Triple P Parenting sessions for families in the Camrose area. Triple P sessions are offered to parents of children under the age of 12, parents of teens, and for parents of children who have a developmental disability.

Triple P’s easy-to-understand and practical strategies have been shown to help families in all types of situations. To access upcoming Triple P Parenting seminars and groups, check out our current newsletter here. All other inquiries can be made to the Centre.

Parents can access Triple P in many different ways. Parents who require a little support can attend the Seminar Series of Level 2. Parents who require more support and wish to meet with a practitioner for 3 or 4 sessions, can access Level 3. And finally, parents who feel that they need more intensive support of meeting one on one with a practitioner or in a group setting, can access Level 4.

For Parents

For Parents and child care providers, click here to view/print the Triple P Parenting Brochure for Parents.

For Organizations

For Organizations providing family services, click here to view/print the Triple P Parenting Brochure for Organizations.

Ages & Stages

Finally we have a way for Parents to measure the many different ways their children grow!

The Camrose Family Resource Centre offers the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) and the Ages and Stages Questionnaire Social/Emotional (ASQ/SE) for parents to use to give them a ‘snapshot’ of their child’s development.

What Is the the ASQ and the ASQ/SE?

This is a simple questionnaire that parents fill out at home. It is based on the age of the child and asks specific questions to determine your child’s development.

How do I complete the ASQ and the ASQ/SE?

As you play with your child, you are asked to observe the way that your child completes certain activities. You check "yes" if your child performs the activity regularly; "sometimes" if your child does it only occasionally; "not yet" if your child does not do the activity yet.

What do I do with the completed ASQ and the ASQ/SE?

Once you complete the questionnaire, return it to the Camrose Family Resource Centre and it will be reviewed by a staff person. The staff will go over the results with you. You will receive a list of appropriate activities you may enjoy doing with your child to continue to promote development.

What happens if the ASQ and the ASQ/SE determines that my child has an area of concern?

If your child is identified as having an area of concern, the parent will be given a referral to an appropriate agency for further evaluation. This does not mean that there is something wrong with your child, but perhaps they simply need extra attention in the area of development with concerns.

What if I have other questions, not answered here?

Please contact a Camrose Family Resource Centre staff member for more information at (780) 672-0141.

Early Childhood Programs

We have many registered and drop in programs for families to attend. Registration dates will be announced several weeks before the actual date.

Programs offered can include Lil Chefs, Messy Madness, Lil Picassos, Curious Cuties, Infant Massage, and Wednesday/Friday Morning Drop in, and M.E.N.D to name a few.

Programs change every 3 months, so watch for the upcoming schedules.

Parent's Resource Library

The Camrose Family Resource Centre operates a "no-fee" Parent's Resource Library.

This is a lending library that includes parenting related books, DVDs, videos and audio tapes.

Toy Library

The Camrose Family Resource Centre operates a free toy lending library. It offers parents and children the opportunity to access toys for a one week period if they are City of Camrose residents, with longer extensions for rural residents having to travel into the city to access the program.

You can access these libraries anytime our centre is open.

Taking Action on Bullying

The project is a partnership between Alberta Education and Alberta Children and Youth Services. The focus of the project is to provide families and schools not only information and strategies to effectively deal with bullying behaviour but to work with the Camrose Parent Link Centre to empower and strengthen families to target prevention.

Currently, the Taking Action on Bullying program is at the Round Hill School providing:

•In class lessons on bullying education and prevention •Individual and family support •Peer mentorship groups •Student leadership •Staff consultations and support

The project is also at the Camrose Parent Link Centre providing:

•Workshops for families •Family consultations and support regarding bullying •Resource information •Assist schools within the Parent Link Centre area with bullying prevention/education planning and implementation •Assist with Camrose Parent Link Centre play groups •Group presentations to both the community at large and to other schools

The Taking Action on Bullying Project intention is to not only share effective strategies to deal with current bullying situations but to take a preventative role by offering/facilitating parent/caregiver workshops and groups which strive to assist in building their connection with their child.

For more information please contact Jennifer Hastings, Project Coordinator at the Camrose Parent Link Centre at (780) 673-3008.

Roots of Empathy

Roots of Empathy’s mission it to build caring, peaceful and civil societies through the development of empathy in children and adults.

Roots of Empathy is a Canadian based program now being offered around the world in which school aged children (in grades ranging from Kindergarten to Junior High) have regular classes with a baby as their teacher. The baby who is only a few months old when classes start does what babies do – smiles, cries and grows. Over the course of a school year, students get to watch the infant develop and change. They learn to feel affection and empathy for their little teacher. They also learn a lot about how everyone has a different temperament and how their temperament and behavior impacts others.

The Roots of Empathy program began in 2000 in Ontario and has been running for 8 years in the Camrose area.

Locally, Roots of Empathy is currently running 2 programs. Our program instructors are Parent Link staff, Family School Liaison workers, and other school personnel.

The Roots of Empathy program has received funding from the Battle River Foundation this past year to offset some of the operating costs.

Newsletter & Drop-in Times

We are constantly updating the programming and events we provide for families and caregivers.

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Ages and Stages Questionnaires

You can now complete ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE 2 online. Please click the links below to access this secure online tool.

Click here for ASQ-3

Click here for ASQ-SE 2